At Kindercare Fostering, we are greatly experienced at helping current foster carers transfer over from their existing agency or local authority.

There are many reasons why carers may decide to transfer and Kindercare Fostering aim to make any transition as smooth as possible. There is a protocol for carers switching agencies and this must be adhered to by all independent fostering agencies, but it’s an easy process and moving to Kindercare can take as little as three months.
For an informal conversation about transferring to us or for more information about the process please contact the Carer Recruitment Officer on 0808 284 9554 (freephone) or email enquiries@kindercare.co.uk

You can transfer to Kindercare with the placements of children and young people you have with you, as long as there is no detriment to their care.

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Change a child's life today. Call 0808 284 9554 (freephone) or email enquiries@kindercare.co.uk.

At Kindercare Fostering we pride ourselves on offering a support and high quality service to all of our foster carers including regular on-going training, a committed and dedicated supervising social worker, and 24-hour a day support to all of our foster carers.