Outreach Services

Outreach Support Services

Educational Support & Independence Training Programme

Kindercare provides a professional, flexible and individually tailored service to support children and young people in care with their education and independence training. We work within the National Curriculum Framework and Every Child Matters, continually updating our training to keep abreast of current educational thinking, particularly in the field of looked after children. Our educational & independence support workers range from fully trained teachers to Outreach workers with a special interest in education and preparing young people for independence.

  • We provide a quiet, comfortable environment in which to work or visit the child or young person in their foster placement.
  • Strategies are used to enable children/young people to manage their behaviour better in class and offer extra support with identified areas of the curriculum or homework or independence skills.
  • We have access to a wealth of curriculum resources which can be tailored to suit the child or young person’s particular interests in order to motivate them.
  • Help to support children with work outside school offering them the chance of extra curricular opportunities connected to their learning and independence skills.

Supervised Contact

All our contact workers have experience and training to ensure that contact is conducted in a professional manner. Contact workers will ensure that every session is both appropriate and safe, whilst maintaining a discreet presence. Supervised contact offered by Kindercare provides:

  • Individual constant supervision of contact in a private, safe and family friendly suite.
  • A high level of supervision by staff who are confident to intervene firmly when any concerns arise.
  • Detailed reports using Every Child Matters framework providing accurate observations of the interactions between the child/young person and family friendly suite.
  • A safe, accessible and stimulating environment where parents and children/ young people are encouraged to re-establish, develop and enjoy their relationships.
  • Opportunities to enhance parenting skills and the quality of family relationships.

Therapeutic Life Story Work

Our counsellors facilitate life story work with children and young people, providing the opportunity for them to discover their own individual story, learn ways of understanding themselves and to make a connection between past, present and future. A qualified Therapist helps process the information they hold within themselves, as well as information gained through access to Social Services files and interviews with members of the child’s or young person’s birth family or previous carers.

Our Resources

Any individual therapeutic support with children and young people can take place in our therapeutic setting, which is specially designed and furnished with toys and equipment appropriate to the task. Thought is given to the resources available to the child or adolescent, in order that they are appropriate to their developmental level and needs. Play materials provided are appropriate to the individual child’s culture and race, whilst the equipment offers opportunities for creative and symbolic play.

Therapeutic Counselling Service

Our counsellors provide a highly professional service and work within the BACP ethical framework of good practice. We have a flexible approach to the child/ young person’s needs as counselling is carried out through varied therapeutic approaches. Our Counsellors’ work is monitored and evaluated at completion.

Counselling Bridging Service

The aim of our Therapeutic Counselling Service is to provide qualified Counsellors to support children aged 7-19 years who are awaiting C.A.M.H’s. To minimise disruption to education the service offers flexibility and easy access to therapeutic intervention for children and young people outside of school hours.

Our Outreach Team

Kindercare Outreach Staff are all DBS checked and have a wide range of qualifications and experience with children. They come from a variety of backgrounds including child care, counselling, teaching and mentoring. All staff receive appropriate training to maintain our high standards.

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