On-going Supervision of Foster Carers

All Foster Carers have an allocated Qualified Supervising Social Worker.

It is the SSW’s responsibility to manage and support the foster carer in the fostering task, backed up by their Team and Registered Manager. Both the Kindercare SSW and foster carer are trained to ensure the children and young people’s welfare is paramount. They will work in partnership to ensure that the children and young people’s needs are met and that they are provided with a safe, nurturing placement where they are able to meet their potential.

The SSW will visit the foster carer’s at least monthly to undertake supervision. These times are an opportunity to discuss the day-to-day care needs of the children and young people and how the foster carer is working to meet those needs and progress the care plan. Discussions about training needs will also be held at these meetings.

The SSW will undertake at least two unannounced visit to foster carer’s per year. Kindercare Fostering also carries out independent health and safety inspections of each fostering household to ensure the standard of accommodation on offer is of the highest quality. The SSW will attend all meetings and reviews with the carer, prepare reports for annual reviews and keep a thorough and accurate record of all fostering activity.

Kindercare Fostering has membership of BAAF and Fostering Network and all our foster carer’s benefit from membership with FosterTalk.

The teams are contactable at their local office during office hours, and for out of hours support the foster carer can ring the duty number. The duty system is operated centrally and manned by the SSW’s on a rota basis backed up by a team and the Registered Manager.

All Foster carers have access to a SSW 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

We also operate ‘Outreach’ services, to assist in transport and contact for children in placement, they run activities and events for carer’s, LAC and sons and daughters of carer’s, educational support, counselling and life story work plus facilitate the Independence Training programme for young people. Outreach workers also complete the annual Health & Safety checks of carer’s homes.

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At Kindercare Fostering we pride ourselves on offering a support and high quality service to all of our foster carers including regular on-going training, a committed and dedicated supervising social worker, and 24-hour a day support to all of our foster carers.