Panel and Quality Assurance

Prospective carer’s assessments are presented to our foster panel. The panel, in accordance with fostering regulations comprises of experienced professionals who meet regularly to consider all issues relating to the approval and review of our carers.

Foster carers and prospective foster carers are encouraged to attend meetings of our fostering panel when their fostering status is being considered. We believe it is important that foster carers take part in and feel part of the fostering panel’s work to ensure that their views and wishes are fully considered before the panel makes recommendations.
Kindercare’s Quality Assurance Manager has a responsibility to ensure consistency of service across Kindercare and has a monitoring and auditing role in relation to all aspects of Kindercare’s work. The Quality Assurance Manager also has a quality management system roll and continuously updates methods, policies and procedures. Issues arising out of complaints and allegations are managed, investigated and reported to the Quality Assurance Manager.

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At Kindercare Fostering we pride ourselves on offering a support and high quality service to all of our foster carers including regular on-going training, a committed and dedicated supervising social worker, and 24-hour a day support to all of our foster carers.



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